Application Glossary

All DURO diamond blades (except DURO BASE) have a colour coded section on the label to match the
material application type. Please ensure that your blade selection matches the material you intend to cut.

White colour indicates highly dense and very hard materials such as granite, slate, Class A engineering
bricks, clay products, flint concrete, heavily reinforced concrete.
Grey colour indicates universal use in most hard to medium hard materials such as reinforced concrete,
Class B engineering bricks, kerbs, lintels, beams, cast pipes, flags and general building materials.
Yellow indicates that this product is designed to give the longest lifetimes with high
in-feed rates in the widest possible range of construction materials, from the hardest engineering bricks
and reinforced concretes to paviors, soft blocks and roof tiles - and even the ability to occasionally cut
asphalt - all in one blade.
Pale Blue indicates abrasive materials such as, hand made bricks, facing bricks, concrete roof tiles, soft
concrete paviors, green concrete, cement screed and other abrasive materials.
Black indicates extremely abrasive materials such as, soft cement screed, lightweight concrete and
cellular block, abrasive sandstone and grit stone, as well as tarmac and hot rolled asphalt on roads and
Red indicates that this product is designed for cutting more or less anything on the construction site
including, but not exclusively, various types of metal. The special shape, with air cooling holes drilled into
the steel core, coupled with the use of a very large diamond grit, allows these blades to cross the barrier
in diamond technology and eliminate the need for changing blades when it is necessary to cut metal.
The use of both grey and black indicates that this product is highly suited to both concrete and asphalt
applications. Either application is possible exclusively or jointly, with similar results. The use of high quality
diamond grit in a high concentration makes this product performance outstanding at the price level.
The use of four colour codes makes this specification our most universal. Cut almost any material,
excluding heavy metal applications (above 10mm gauge) with absolute ease and security, whilst
benefiting from very high life times. The use of titanium coated diamond and high density bonds, coupled
with innovative design features, including deep draft segments and cooling holes in the steel core put this
product on the very highest level of performance.


This is the application type of our DURO BASE entry line blades and this indicates that the blades are
suitable for universal use in most medium to hard building materials, including lightly reinforced concrete,
medium hard bricks, blocks and stones.